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An acoustic trio full of energy ! Three voices, guitar, bass, ukulele, and a touch of percussion.


Three professional musicians who adapt to your tastes to make your event unique. 

La Tartine offers an extensive set list that can be molded to your liking.


Looking for a classy jazz ambiance for your cocktail party? Want to get everyone up and dancing to your favorite tunes? No problem for La Tartine, who will work with you to make your vision a reality.


La Tartine tunes in to all the details and requests that make your event a success.

Casey Jayne


is a singer and ukulélé strummer extraordinaire. She adds some soul to every song.


You can also hear her play with La Méchante et le Connard (acoustic arrangements), Le New Duo (classical saxophone), Claude Abadie Tentet (big band), Your Mom and the Kerplunx (ska), FB Sextet (jazz), and a bit of all that in the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (Disneyland Paris).


She's a musician with far too many diplomas (New York University: Bachelor of Music, DEM Saxophone classique, DEM Histoire de la musique). She Teaches music at CEC (Bué)



is an awesome guitarist in many styles. He makes every song swing.


We can also hear him with Buster Bazar (Rock Bazarharmonique), The Tool Johnson and the Fanatic Panshow (acoustic comedy), Orkestronika (electro-jazz fusions orchestra), La Plume (lyrics and music).


He's also a musician with some diplomas (MIMA, DEM Musiques Actuelles). He teaches music at EDIM, at Académie Musicale Gabriel Fauré, and at Association Musicale de la Mérantaise.



is a bassist for all occasions. He'll make you dance with every note. Tha Challenge: making ever line groove. Challenge accepted!


We can hear him play his bass with PulsaSion (reggae), Philippe Serra (French folk), Orkestronika (electo-jazz fusion orchestra), Mily Flow (pop), Misterfive (pop rock), Soungari (pop rock electro)... we often see him make the double bass groove with La Méchante et le Connard (acoustic arrangement), and its him again hiding behind the electro-poetry project, être (album: les mots cachés).


He is an experienced musician with diplomas (MIMA, DEM Musiques Actuelles). He teaches music at CEC (Bué)

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